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Our focus is on all types of systems in which light is used. Our aim is to serve our customers under five topics without deviating from our focus.

As Rekrom Optoelectronics, our focus is on all kinds of systems in which the light is used. We aim to serve our customers within the five topics. The method we use is to carry out the process from determining the requirements of an optical system to completing the performance tests of the final product.

These processes consists of optical, optomechanical, and optoelectronical design, manufacturing consulting, alignment & integration finally test system design and performing tests.


Optic Design

  • $Custom Optical Design
  • $Extreme UV to Far IR
  • $Hyperspectral and Multispectral System Design
  • $Fix Focus and Zoom Systems
  • $Design with conventional lens and prisms
  • $Design with Aspheric, Binary, Free-from, Cylindrical, Lens arrays, etc..
  • $Active-Passive Athermalization
  • $Detailed Tolerance Analysis
  • $Ghost Image and Scattering Analysis
  • $Indoor, outdoor, cabin interior, lighting design

Optomechanical & Optoelectronic Design

  • $Single lens to objective mounting
  • $Window mounting
  • $Manual / Motorized focusing mechanism,
  • $Manual / Motorized zoom mechanism
  • $2 Axis Scanner mechanisms,
  • $Design suitable for active centering methods,
  • $Design suitable for harsh environmental conditions
  • $(-55°C ~ +80 °C, Humidity, Dust, Sand)
  • $Passive & Active athermal design,

Production Consulting

  • $Preparation of Technical Specifications
  • $Preparing Technical Drawings
  • $Manage Optical quality control procedures
  • $Manage Optical quality control procedures
  • $Evaluation of 3D & Stylus Profiler data
  • $Production Monitoring
  • $Acceptance Tests

Alignment and Integration

  • $Active and Passive Alignment Techniques
  • $Design of Alignment Setups
  • $Folded systems
  • $Telescopic systems
  • $Thermal Sights
  • $Design of Auto-Collimator Setups
  • $Boresight Alignment
  • $Laser Scanner Alignment

Test System Design

  • $Focusing
  • $MTF Measurement
  • $Cosine Correction
  • $Bad Pixel Correction
  • $3D Noise, Signal to Noise (SNR)
  • $Signal Transfer Function (SiTF)
  • $Distortion Measurement and Correction
  • $Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD)
  • $1&2 Point Non-Uniformity Correction (1&2pNUC)
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